International Shipping

Florae ships internationally. Please read the below guide to learn about international shipping. If you are interested in placing an international order, please contact us at [email protected].


Due to CITES exporting requirements, international orders take a long time to organize. Please expect the process to take ~6 months.


Minimum Order Size$1,000This means the amount spent on plants must be greater than $1,000 USD.
Permits and shipping do not count towards the order minimum.
CITES Permits~$300Exact amount depends on the number and selection of plants purchased.
Only required for CITES protected plants (Nepenthes, Sarracenia, Dioneae).
ShippingVariesDepends on the order size and destination country.

Note: All charges listed in USD. Florae is not responsible for international wire fees.

Live Plant Guarantee for International Shipments

We provide a Live Plant Guarantee for international shipments. All international shipments use FedEx International Priority Export.

However, you must receive your plants within ten days of their departure from the United States to be eligible for the Live Plant Guarantee. For example:

  • If your plants are shipped on May 10th and you receive them on May 20th or any earlier day, your order is eligible for the Live Plant Guarantee.
  • If your plants are shipped on May 10th but you receive them on May 21st or any later day, your order is not eligible for the Live Plant Guarantee.

With FedEx International Priority Export, your plants will typically finish transit in less than three days. This allows your customs and/or plant inspection officials one week to inspect and release your package. Florae is not responsible for delays with customs or plant inspection in your country.


  • If your country requires importing permits, you are required to provide us with the proper permits.
  • We do not ship international orders during the winter months of the northern hemisphere.
  • We do not ship Nepenthes rajah and Nepenthes khasiana internationally. These plants are CITES Appendix I.