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When it comes to carnivorous plants, Dionaea muscipula is one of North America’s claims to fame. This genus of plants is found only in coastal North and South Carolina where it can be found growing in wet sand and peat. Dionaea muscipula is unique in many ways morphologically, and is also one of the few carnivorous plants that utilizes rapid movement to capture its prey. Three hairs on the inside of the trap must be triggered in succession to activate the signals that close the jaws of this plant. Interestingly, it is tolerant of fire, which when occurring naturally removes competing plants from its environment. Dionaea muscipula is an easy-to-grow plant that tolerates a wide range of temperature conditions provided it has constant access to a water source. Bright lighting will cause red coloration to appear on the inside of the snap traps and encourage rapid growth. These plants reproduce readily through seed or offshoot division and are excellent plants for pros and novices alike.

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