Live Sphagnum Moss

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Are you looking for something beautiful to accent your tropical plant collection? This Live Sphagnum Moss is the perfect addition!

To start your own colony, simply place the live moss heads throughout your terrarium and then keep  moist with relative humidity above 75%. Don’t forget to use distilled water, reverse osmosis water, or pure rainwater!

The moss in the photos is representative of the amount you will receive – roughly a 3.5 x 3.5″ square. Please note: not all of your sphagnum moss may be green. Some of it may be yellow, orange, or red. There may be a few strands of star moss mixed in, but the vast majority will be sphagnum moss. We also offer a Live Plant Guarantee with all orders!

We donate part of each sale to environmental conservation in partnership with 1% for the Planet. Because of this, purchasing Live Sphagnum Moss supports the planet!

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