Three Liter Sphagnum Moss Mix in Compostable Resealable Pouch

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Potted Nepenthes most commonly use sphagnum moss mixes.

This soil has a low ph (5.3-5.8) and high porosity, creating an optimal media for most carnivorous plants. The perlite content allows water to freely flow through the pot while the sphagnum moss retains enough moisture for plants to thrive. For a more sustainable media, please see our Washed Coconut Coir Mix.

All our soil mixes useĀ 100% compostable packaging!

Potting Guidelines

Before using, mix and moisten thoroughly with either distilled water, rainwater, or reverse osmosis water. Once damp, fill your pots without packing them tight and pot your plants. A three-liter bag can fill the following:

Small Pot: 9

Medium Pot: 6

Large Pot: 3

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