How To Care For Bulbophyllum

  Apr 19, 2022
Bulbophyllum Basics Because Bulbophyllum is an unusual Genus of orchid, it can be difficult to care for. This post will teach you the basics of

Guide to Visiting Florae

  Mar 22, 2022
Traveling to Ithaca to attend a Florae event? Then this is your definitive guide! We’re proudly located in Ithaca, NY, a hotspot for nature enthusiasts,

How To Repot Nepenthes

  Mar 8, 2022
Want to learn how to repot your Nepenthes? This post will teach you how! When should I repot Nepenthes? You ideally want to repot your

How To Fertilize Nepenthes

  Feb 7, 2022
Trying to figure out how to fertilize Nepenthes? Then this is the guide for you! Read on to figure out if you need to fertilize

2021 Giving Report

  Jan 11, 2022
Welcome to the Florae 2021 Giving Report! Each year we donate 1% of our revenue to environmental conservation. This is part of our pledge to

What is Tissue Culture?

  Dec 14, 2021
Introduction Interested in learning how plant tissue culture works? Or, curious about how Nepenthes have unique requirements within tissue culture? Then, this page is for

Repotting a Corpse Flower

  Oct 19, 2021
We recently had the pleasure of hosting Summer Rayne Oakes to our greenhouse. During her visit it was time to repot our Amorphophallus titanum, so

Florae Spotlight – Ryan Georgia

  Aug 24, 2021
Discover the people behind Florae Collaborative in our new blog series – Florae Spotlight. Kicking it off is Ryan Georgia! Hey everyone! I’m Ryan Georgia

Want to join a Potting Party?

  May 24, 2021
Do you live within a few hour’s drive from our greenhouse? Come join one of our Potting Parties! A Potting Party is an event where