How To Care For Bulbophyllum

April 19, 2022

Bulbophyllum Basics

Because Bulbophyllum is an unusual Genus of orchid, it can be difficult to care for. This post will teach you the basics of how to care for Bulbophyllum!

Bulbophyllum can be found all over the world, but are almost always found in tropical or subtropical regions.

This means that Bulbophyllum like warm temperatures and high humidity. Furthermore, most Bulbophyllum are epiphytic, which means they grow on trees. This means they’re going to like a media that is well-draining but retains moisture.

The best way to determine a plant’s exact needs is to research its natural environment. Use a tool like OrchidWiz to find the best care requirements for your species of Bulbophyllum!

Read on to hear more Bulbophyllum care from Florae’s orchid specialist, Austin Miller.

Bulbophyllum dentiferum

Light Preferences

Bulbophyllums like bright eastern windows or shaded southern windows.

Remember not to expose this genus to direct mid-day sun. Whenever you’re placing the plant in a new light environment, do so slowly to acclimate the plant.

Water & Humidity

Mounted Bulbophyllum species typically require daily mists to wet the roots. If the plant is potted, the media should be kept moist and not allowed to dry out.

A humidity of 70-80% is ideal for Bulbophyllum. However, if the plant is in your home and you can’t achieve these humidity levels, you can try using a high moisture media or a humidity dome to keep the humidity up!


Temperature is one of the care guidelines that is most dependent on the Bulbophyllum species. But generally speaking, Bulbophyllum are warm-growing and will tolerate temperatures ranging from 55°F to 95°F but prefer temperatures between 60°F – 85°F.


Most Bulbophyllum should be mounted or placed in baskets, however, some can be potted. In any case, the recommended media is sphagnum moss.

Bulbophyllum microtepalum

Helpful Tips for Bulbophyllum

  • Air movement is beneficial to Bulbophyllum, as it minimizes the risk of fungal issues. Try keeping a small fan near your Bulbophyllum!
  • Try to repot or remount as infrequently as possible.
  • Apply a half-strength orchid fertilizer once a week during the summer growing months. During winter non-growing months, apply your fertilize at quarter-strength either once a month or every other week.
  • If you’re watering with RO (reverse osmosis) water, use Pure Water Special fertilizer. If you’re using tap water we recommend the Tap Water Special fertilizer.

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