How To Repot Nepenthes

March 8, 2022

Want to learn how to repot your Nepenthes? This post will teach you how!

When should I repot Nepenthes?

You ideally want to repot your Nepenthes every 2-3 years. However, if you notice any of the following, it may also be time to repot!

  • The root mass has outgrow the pot
  • The media smells or is decomposing
  • The roots are rotting (commonly known as “root rot”)
  • The media is too tight
  • The media is holding onto more or less water than is optimal
  • You have a pest problem

Like most plants, the best time to repot Nepenthes is early spring when the plant is being exposed to more light and warmer temperatures.

How do I repot Nepenthes?

Repotting Nepenthes is trickier than a regular houseplant. Follow these tips to ensure your Nepenthes is safely repotted!

  1. Remove the plant from its current pot

    Hold the base of the plant in one hand and the pot in another. Gently wiggle the plant out of the pot.

  2. Remove old media from roots

    Lightly shake the old media off the roots. Use your fingers to lightly remove any media stuck to them.

  3. Check plant health

    Examine the roots and rhizome of the plant for root rot. If you see root rot, trim it off with a clean knife or pruners.

  4. Prune or divide the plant (if needed)

    This is a great time to prune or divide your plant, but it is not necessary. Read our blog post about Cuttings and Divisions for more info!

  5. Prepare the new pot

    Add media to the pot and leave room for the plant’s roots.

  6. Pot the plant

    Place the plant inside the pot, making sure the roots are snug but still have some room to grow. Then, fill in the rest of the pot with media. Pack the media tightly enough that the plant won’t fall over and can hold its own weight.

Useful Tips

Here are some helpful tips to keep in mind when repotting Nepenthes:

  • Use a media that balances water retention and drainage. Good examples of this are coconut coir or sphagnum moss mixes.
  • Nepenthes have very delicate roots, so be gentle when removing them from their old pot.
  • Don’t use a potting mix or media that contains fertilizer. Nepenthes need to be fertilized in their pitchers. To learn more about Nepenthes fertilization read How to Fertilize Nepenthes
  • Use a pot with drainage holes

Learn More About Growing Nepenthes

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