Grower Resources

Have questions about how to grow tropical plants? This grower resources page has all sorts of gems, ranging from latin name pronunciation to our favorite YouTube documentary channel!

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Tropical Plants

Redfern Natural History Productions creates best-in-class media focused on tropical plants.

Their books are both exquisite and incredibly extensive, while their documentaries are a must-watch for tropical wildlife enthusiasts. Redfern also offers tropical expeditions led by Stewart McPherson, one of the greatest contributors to carnivorous plant conservation.

Carnivorous Plants

How to Say Nepenthes is a pronunciation guide for all Nepenthes species by grower Michael Kevin Smith.

The Carnivorous Plant Photo Finder aggregates photos of carnivorous plants from across the web. To our knowledge, it is the most extensive repository of carnivorous plant photographs.

The Chest Freezer Method outlines an effective, economic, and efficient way to grow highland Nepenthes. It was written by the indefatigable Jeff Shafer almost 20 years ago, and is how Ryan first started to successfully grow Nepenthes.

The Nepenthes Species Guide is an interactive chart that shows the native altitude and preferred climate for each Nepenthes species. It also has a spectacular feature that extrapolates the preferred climate for Nepenthes hybrids.

The Nepenthes Species Identifier is an AI-powered photo recognition software. It identifies Nepenthes based on an uploaded photo. Tom’s Carnivores made both the Nepenthes Species Guide and Species Identifier.

Nepenthes Around the House was one of the first carnivorous plant blogs and remains a spectacular resource for care instructions and carnivorous plant forums. Made by the wonderful and humorous Joel Stern.

Finally, if you’re looking for additional grower resources check out Carnivorous Plant Resource. They offer a database of local carnivorous plant groups and a marketplace where you can sell plants from your collection. In addition, this is also one of the few places to find plants from carnivorous plant superstar, Jeremiah Harris.


OrchidWiz is the definitive database for orchid information. For each orchid species, it contains distribution information, grower resources and requirements, photos, and more.

We can’t guarantee how frequently these websites are updated. These are simply some of our favorite growing resources.