Pot Stake Label Key

Understand Our Pot Stake Labels

We try to provide as much information about each plant as possible, and we use shorthand to include this information on each plant’s pot stake label.

Pot Stake Label Key

FieldDefinitionKey and Notes
GenusThe plant’s genus.
Specific EpithetThe plants taxonomic classification. Miscellaneous information, such as location data, morphological characteristics, or gender are also included here.
ProducerThe original grower of the plant. Key:
FC: Florae Collaborative
AW: Andreas Wistuba
BCP: Best Carnivorous Plants
BE: Borneo Exotics
CK: Christian Klein
NE: Native Exotics*
EP: Exotica Plants
SY: Shinya Yamada / Y’s Exotic’s
*Appears on select plants formerly grown by Native Exotics.
Producer CodeThe code assigned to the plant by the original producer. 
ClimateThe preferred growth condition of the plantHL: Highland
IH: Intermediate-Highland
IN: Intermediate
IL: Intermediate-Lowland
LL: Lowland
TM: Temperate

Some plants are generalized and can grow in a variety of climates. The listed climate is not exhaustive, but rather how we grow the plant.
Propagation MethodHow the plant was propagatedSG: Seed Grown
TC: Tissue Culture / Micropropagation
RC: Rooted Cutting
BD: Basal Division
LP: Leaf Pulling
Potted DateThe date of the plant’s most recent potting.
SKUUsed for internal tracking purposes only.The astute reader might ask – For plants produced by Florae, why do you issue a Producer Code and SKU? Great question. We do this because SKU’s need to be assigned to ALL plants, not just plants produced by Florae.

The amount of information on each pot stake label varies.