Florae Plant Gallery

Welcome to the Florae Plant Gallery!

We know it can be hard to buy a plant that’s super small. So, we created a photo gallery of our plant creations!

Most photos are provided by members of our awesome CP community. If you love photographing your plants, we’ll give you a free plant for adding your photos! Scroll down to learn more.

Florae Plant Gallery

Want to learn more about plants we’ve made? Check out EVERY plant released from our lab!

Upload your photos here!

Upload your photo to the submission form below! Submission are regularly reviewed and added to the Photo Gallery.

Don’t forget – only plants propagated by Florae are eligible. Plants propagated by our suppliers will not be accepted.

Photography Tips

If you want to increase the likelihood your photo will be included in the gallery, please follow these tips:

  • Use a portrait orientation.
  • Have a crop ratio of 4×6.
  • Keep the plant in focus and avoid blurriness.
  • Focus on what makes the plant unique, whether that’s a pitcher, peristome, or flower.
  • Make the light bright enough to showcase the natural colors of the plant.
  • Avoid over-saturation.

The minimum image size is 400x600px and the minimum pixels per inch is 72.

Terms and Conditions:

  • Only plants propagated by Florae are eligible. For example, plants grown by Borneo Exotics will not be listed in the database.
  • We will gladly give photo credits to you! Please note we only reference photographers by their social media accounts. Your accounts will not be shared without your consent.
  • You are welcome to watermark your photo. However, if the watermark is so large that it detracts from the image it will not be used.
  • A free plant will only be awarded if the photo is of a high enough quality to use in our database. Florae is not obligated to provide a free plant solely because someone uploaded a photo.
  • If your photos are selected, you will receive a coupon code that will add a free plant to your next order. Florae will not ship a free plant by itself.
  • The plant each winner receives will be chosen at random by Florae. Specific plant requests or exchanges for store credit are not allowed.