Specimen vs. Representative Plant

Ever wondered if the plant you receive will look like the pictures online?

Each plant we grow is unique. Even the same species can have variations in size, color, and morphology. To make expectations clear, we mark each plant as either a Specimen or a Representative Plant.

  • Specimens are specific plants available for sale. If you buy a specimen, you will receive the exact plant you see photographed online. This is usually only available for rare or unique plants.
  • Representative plants are interchangeable plants available for sale. There are slight variations from plant to plant, so we select the nicest plant we have available. You will receive a plant closely resembling the online photos.

We will often offer multiple specimens at the same time. In this case, each specimen is labeled with a unique number (Specimen One, Specimen Two, etc.) If you don’t see specimen explicitly stated, then the plant is a representative plant.

If you’re ever aren’t satisfied with a plant you receive, please contact us at [email protected].